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  Responsive School Websites MORE
Responsive School Websites
Respond to the mobile requirements of prospects, parents and students with a RediSite for your school or district. Your RediSite - a responsive school website from Rediker Software - is optimized to make browsing easy for different devices, from desktop monitors to tablets and smartphones. With a RediSite school website hosted by Rediker Software, your school can achieve and maintain a great-looking, ADA-compliant website that is affordable, mobile-friendly and easy for your staff to edit and update.
  Rediker Product Demos and Webinars MORE
Rediker Product Demos and Webinars
See Our Software Solutions and Learn Best Practices Interested in adding Rediker Software's integrated software solutions to your school? Learn more by attending a live Rediker Demo where we'll be showing our software solutions for complete school management, including student data, gradebook and parent portals, admissions, schedule building, and much more.

Online Training Courses

Online Training Courses

Register to attend any of our ongoing training courses designed to help you learn more about your school's AdminPlus, AdmissionsPlus, PlusPortals, TeacherPlus Gradebook, and other Rediker Software solutions. Not just your average webinar - our virtual classroom-like sessions will have you interacting with your instructor and fellow attendees while incorporating real-world examples and hands-on exercises.

Most of our online training courses last about 2.5 hours. Multiple session times (shown in Eastern Time) are offered throughout the year so you can choose the best day that works for you. Tuition costs are invoiced to your school.


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Brandon Sawdon
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