Our program allows for a learning experience tailored to each student.

  • Personal learning that varies from workshop, lab, and project based
  • Hands-on and engaging projects that strengthen teamwork
  • Challenging and empowering topics
  • dynamic activities in all curriculums
  • Respect for varying perspectives are important for successful team building

Students are urged to flourish intellectually as well as socially.

  • Each teacher wants your child to succeed and understand each student as a learner
  • Our learning experiences are designed to aid a student’s individual strengths
  • Students are guided to reach their full potential through constant challenges and reflection
  • A variety of extracurricular activities that allow each student to connect with their community and learn more about their interests
Photograph of Kathy Bolduc
Kathy Bolduc
Decano de Estudiantes
Dean of Students

Our program is committed to educating each child to the fullest. With academics and activities, we ensure that our students can go on to care about themselves, each other, and the environment.